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Once upon a time, there was a  simple saccharine girl, who wanted to soar high and touch the zenith in the empyrean but at the same time, she was commiserating towards other’s needs. 

She was studying in my final year B tech and couldn’t make tranquility with the fact that every third person takes the liberty to spit anywhere he culls (a place whose sanity he wishes to cull).

She was resolute, She mentally conceived to opt to work for herself and not under anyone. I spent days hustling in my 20s studying engineering by day and developing a game-transmuting product by night. She was disheartened by the fact that spitting could give ascend to so many communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis, Swine flu, and now covid19.

She visually perceived that if 

If you optate to go to washroom there is a place defined called washroom

If you optate to smoke there are smoking zones but what if you have an urgent need to spit? 

Many walls read do not spit here in the absence of dedicated space. The imperative question is where should people spit? 

There is no way to go. 

She worked day and night and came up with a brilliant conception of spittoons.

She had thought-provoking questions,

How many times have we turned away from red spitting stains from public places?

How many times have we imprecated a person ahead of us spitting on the roadside? 

And how many times have we edified ourselves that things will never change? 

In every nook and corner of the country, there is a human shooting machine that processes this packet paan masala and targets the roads, railways, and public places, by shooting from his mouth. Every fourth person in this component of the world indulges in this habit. 

She innovated a unique product that can be carried in pockets or in cars or could be placed in public places and sanction people to spit. Digging deep into data, repeated trial-and-error and few pilot experiments gave birth to the brainchild EzySpit, which is the world’s first reusable mobile spittoon that traps and locks the microbes present in saliva within seconds and top-five obviation solutions tackling the covid 19 pandemics. It is an initiative with the conception of developing plants from human spit waste. 

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